Monday, February 10, 2020

Race in Turn of the Century America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Race in Turn of the Century America - Essay Example The problem of racial confusion was quickly becoming a serious issue, in the early twentieth century. This is because of the lack of a unified government, which would establish common grounds with racial equity and rights (King & Ruggles, 1990). After the end of the Civil War, eleven Southern States introduced national policies that further supported â€Å"the problem of color-line†, in relation to immigrants and African Americans, through the First World War. For example, ten southern states introduced laws prohibiting the mixing of races in ferries, railways, and steamboats (King & Ruggles, 1990). For instance, Atlanta, from 1908, introduced racially segregated elevators. Additionally, taxicabs were separated in Florida, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and Mississippi, Alabama. Similarly, it was illegal for Black and white baseball clubs to play, in proximity, in Atlanta (King & Ruggles, 1990). Change in welfare policy, after civil wars also promoted â€Å"the problem of color-li ne†. The Northern changed the social welfare policy to provide government assistances equally and help recipients become self-independence (King & Ruggles, 1990). This made the Southerners to further entrenchment of racism and slavery as a sign of disrespect to the Northerners, who defeated them in the civil wars. The Southern States that encouraged racism include Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida (King & Ruggles, 1990).

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